DocSPO Lite

Advanced Dynamics 365 document management features

Advanced document management features for Dynamics 365

Default Integration

Dynamics 365 offers default integration which use SharePoint as document storage

SharePoint Add-in

DocSPO Lite extend the default integration. It is installed in the SharePoint Online site.

Configuration Wizard

DocSPO Lite’s Configuration wizard simplifies the add-in setup process.

Realtime Search

DocSPO Lite provides real time search against the documents related to the configured Dynamics’ Entities.

Embed as Iframe

The Document Grid control can be embedded in Dynamics forms through embed of Iframe.

Multiple Documents Upload

The Documents Grid control allows multiple upload

How To Install

DocSPO Lite is available only through the AppSource Store.

It is a free add-in and always will be.

For video tutorials and technical details, please visit the our documentation ↗.

How To Install