Advanced Dynamics 365 documents management features

Advanced documents management

We aim to build a tool that simplify the work with documents in Dynamics 365. SharePoint Online site as a documents storage is the approach we have selected.

There are two products that we are developing and are going to support – DocSPO and DocSPO Lite.
DocSPO Lite is absolutely free SharePoint add-in which is available on the AppSource Store. It has only a subset of the features of DocSPO. DocSPO is a paid add-in and it is currently in “Beta version”.
Some of the DocSPO features included in the first release are:

Automatically adding Dynamics entity’s properties to the uploaded document

Advanced real-time search

Multiple (drag&drop) upload of documents

Configurable Document Grid control

Advanced documents management

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Early Customers

If you need advanced documents management in Dynamics 365, you might be interested of our program for Early Customers.
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Early Customers